Ardit Shabani, Web ad Mobile Aplication Developer

Ardit Shabani is a student in the field of ‘Web ad Mobile Applicatio Development’. He has just completed his final year of studies at Cacttus Educations. A dedicated and distinguished student, Ardit is in the process of starting his career in the field of programming.

Email: arditfshabani@gmail.com

Vigan Grapci, IT at United Nations

Vigan is one of the most distinguished and most successful students of Cacttus Education. He studied in the field of “Network and System Administration.

Vigan started his career at Raiffeisen Bank where he worked in the profession of IT administrator, while today Vigan continues his career in the UN as head of the IT office.

Arbër Basha, iOS Developer at Gjirafa.com

Arbri studied “Web and Mobile Application Development” at Cacttus Education. During his studies he was also engaged in employment […]