Shaqir Maliqi, SysAdmin at IPKO LLC

Shaqiri completed his studies at Cacttus Education, where during his studies he was engaged as IT Helpdesk at Cacttus Education and then he started working as a Database Administrator in the company Cacttus sh.a. After completing his studies, he started working for the company Ipko LLC, where he continues to work as a System Administrator.

  • Almunus at Cacttus Education
  • System Administrator at Ipko LLC.
  • Email: maliqishaqir@gmail.com

Yll Fejziu, iOS Developer at Frakton

Ylli finished his studies at Cacttus Education. During the studying he started his career at Cacttus sh.a. After graduating he started working at FRAKTON, where he continues to work as ani iOS Developer.

  • Almunus at Cacttus Education
  • iOS Developer at Frakton
  • Email: yllfejziu@gmail.com
  • Tel: +383 49 500 112

Ariana Arifaj, Scholar at Cacttus Education

Ariana is finishing the last year of studies at Cacttus Education. She is a scholar and one of the distinguished students at Cacttus Education.

  • Alumna at Cacttus Education
  • Scholar in the major “Web and Mobile Application Development”
  • Email: arianaarifaj1@gmail.com