Partnership for Impact in ICT

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Partnership for Impact in ICT

Cacttus Education in partnership with USAID have launched the three-year program "Partnership for Impact in ICT". This project is an initiative lead by Cacttus Education in partnership with Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK), Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce (G7), International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) and Cacttus. The main aim of this project is the training and preparation of Kosovo's youth for the information technology (ICT) work market. Through this project, students will be provided with skills and knowledge that fulfil the needs of the work market, especially for the private sector. Through these skills it is aimed to fill the gaps in the work market, that accompany the education system in Kosovo. This project seeks to fulfil the market's needs for ICT professionals, by creating new workforce in this field. That is why the project focuses on developing a system of continual professional advancement, that suits the work market needs, by preparing these young individuals for the work market with the right skills at the right time. The partners involved in this alliance will work in implementing the project "Partnership for Impact in ICT" through various activities foreseen for the next three years.

Through this project, the youth will be provided with professional training programs that equip them with skills in the field of technology.

Besides the training, students will have the opportunity to study and get certified in the professional VET school, to prepare for the work market.

60 study scholarships provided for studies in the professional school Cacttus Education

One of the first initiatives of the project "Partnership for Impact in ICT" is providing 40 study schoarships in the field of information and communication technology at Cacttus Education. The 40 beneficiaries of these scholarships study in one of the two most sought after study fields for the local and international work market: “Web and Mobile Appcication Development” and “System and Network Administration”.




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