WOW 3 Success Story- Mihane Sermaxhaj

WOW 3 is being implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development, financed through Community Development Fund (CDF) and EMPOWER “Private Sector in Kosovo”, USAID. Implemented by Cacttus and NGO KS-Kosova as a consortium partner, the program continues to show signs of success.

Many girls have by now received their first online work contracts and have begun their journey in the world of freelancing. One of those successful young ladies is also Mihane Sermaxhaj,

This is her story:

I am Mihane Sermaxhaj, 22 years old. I have a Bachelor degree on Management and IT, and looking forward to starting Master’s degree.

I like to keep myself busy doing attractive things that are funny and interesting. Therefore, I keep pursuing different courses and trainings.

Whenever I heard people saying they work online, it was something that attracted me and I wanted so badly to know what it is that they exactly do, that is the main reason I decided to attend the WOW training.

In the first week of training, our trainer Donika familiarizes us with Upwork and the way it works including opening the profiles. I was very confused and I was not very optimistic about finding a job

But the second week we started applying in different jobs that best suit or experience and knowledge. Our teacher double-checked every cover letter we wrote and made any necessary correction if needed.

My professional education, work experience and some basic skills on graphic design made me apply for an online position on advertisement. Soon after submitting my application I’ve been contacted by the employer and conducted the job interview which I passed successfully. After carefully reviewing my duties and responsibilities I have signed the contract.

Combination of hard work, faith and luck made my day!

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