Part I Values, Types, and Operators

  • Values and Numbers
  • Arithmetic, Special number and Strings
  • Boolean values and Logical operators

Program Structure

  • Expressions and statements
  • Bindings and Binding names
  • Control flow


  • Functions as values and Declaration notation
  • Recursion and Growing functions

Data Structures: Objects and Arrays

  • Data sets and Properties,
  • Objects and Mutability
  • Array loops
  • Strings and their properties,
  • Math objects and JSON

Higher-order Functions

  • Script data set and Filtering arrays
  • Transforming with map
  • Strings and character codes
  • Recognizing text

The Secret Life of Objects

  • Encapsulation
  • Methods and Prototypes
  • Classes and Overriding derived properties
  • Getters, setters, and statics
  • Inheritance

Bugs and Errors

  • Strict mode
  • Types
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Error propagation
  • Exceptions
  • Selective catching

Regular Expressions

  • Creating a regular expression
  • Testing for matches
  • Sets of characters
  • Repeating parts of a pattern
  • Grouping subexpressions
  • The Date class
  • The replace method
  • Dynamically creating RegExp objects
  • The search method


  • Modules and Packages
  • Evaluating data as code
  • ECMAScript modules
  • Building and bundling
  • Module design

Asynchronous Programming

  • Crow tech and Callbacks
  • Promises and Failure
  • Async functions and Generators

Part 2

JavaScript and the Browser

  • Networks and the Internet
  • The Web and HTML

The Document Object Model

  • Document structure and Trees
  • The standard
  • Moving through the tree and Finding elements
  • Changing the document
  • Attributes
  • Layout and Styling
  • Query selectors


  • jQuery Methods
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery Eects
  • jQuery UI

Handling Events

  • Events and DOM nodes
  • Event objects and Propagation
  • Mouse clicks and motion
  • Touch events and other event

Drawing on Canvas

  • SVG and canvas element
  • Lines and surfaces
  • Drawing a pie chart
  • Transformation

HTTP and Forms

  • The protocol, Browsers and HTTP
  • Fetch and HTTP sandboxing
  • Form fields and form as a whole
  • Text fields, Checkboxes and radio buttons and other fields

Course Duration: 26 training hours

Price: 99.00 €

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