Lend Kazazi, Lead iOS Developer at Dua.com

Lendi started working as a develeoper for FRAKTON during his studies at cacttus Education. Today he continues his career with Dua.com as their Lead iOS Developer.

  • Alumnus at Cacttus Education
  • Lead iOS Developer at Dua.com
  • Email: lend.kazazi1998@gmail.com
  • Tel: +383 44 840 079

Rea Spahiu, Web and Mobile Application Developer

Rea is a first-year student at Cacttus Education, where she studies “Web and Mobile Application Development”. She is enthusiastic and welcomes new challeges. That is one of the reasons that she decided to study technology, to break the stereotypes about the involvement of women in technology.

  • Email: rea.spahiu0409@gmail.com

Melina Hajdini, Ueb and Mobile Application Developer

A first year students at Cacttus Education, Melina is a very enthusiastic student who is very passionate about technology. She studies in the major “Ueb and Mobile Application Development”.

  • Student at Cacttus Education
  • Email: melina_hajdini@hotmail.com